Get To Know QAA Products

This is the place to learn all about QAA's products and where they go. The illustrations below are intended to help and guide you in your buying decision. The illustrations are for customer education purposes only and does not imply that every vehicle will have all the listed trim. Please visit your vehicle's specific page for a full listing of what we have available for your make and model.

Gas Door Cover:

Our gas cap door cover are laser cut for a precise fit and finish. The trim piece does not replace your existing gas door; it installs directly on your gas door and gives it a chrome look. This makes the installation easy and can be done by the average consumer.

License Plate Trim:

This trim piece varies in size and shape and typically installs behind the license plate. It will improve on the look of car and prevent scratches to the paint from a loose or vibrating license plates. Most installations are simple and do not require any screws.

Our license plate trim should not be confused with trim that looks like a picture frame and goes around the license plate.

Pillar Post Trim:

Pillar post trim are installed on the pillars of the car. Our pillar post trim are made using high quality mirror polished stainless steel and gives you the look of chrome.

Diagram Key:
P - Passenger 
D - Driver
F - Front
R - Rear 

Example: DF = Driver Front, PF = Passenger Front

* Not all items available for all vehicles

Rear Bumper Cover:

The rear bumper cover installs on the topside of the bumper. It serves a dual purpose of offering protecting the paint from scratches and it also serves as an elegant chrome like accent trim. Please note that trim will get scratched

Trunk Lid Trim / Rear Hatch Lid:

The trunk lid trim installs directly on the bottom of the trunk. This trim trim varies in width and length according to the design of the vehicle.

The rear hatch lid will go on trucks, SUVs or hatchback models in a similar location.

Rocker Panel Trim:

Our rocker panel trim come in many shapes and sizes
depending on your make and model.

The diagram illustrates the type and placement of each rocker panel trim we carry.

I -

Molding Trim: Either goes over existing molding or as to the doors

L -

Lower Kit: Installs on bottom of doors and measures up a specified width

O -

On Rocker Kit: Installs directly onto rocker

U -

Upper Kit: Installs below molding, goes down specified width

F -

Full Kit: Measures from the bottom off molding to bottom of doors

* Not all kits will be available for every model

Window Sill Trim:

Our window sill trim is will vary in style, number of pieces and design depending on the vehicle. Some will have a 90 degree bend that makes contact with the top and side of the window sill. Others may just adhere to the side of the window sill.

Wheel Well Trim / Fender Trim:

Our wheel well trim come in two different styles. The first style is molded to the shape of the fender. It typically has a relieved profile and is wider in the middle and tapers on the ends. A black rubber gasket is placed on the outer edge to prevent scratches. This style is installed using locking tabs and/or screws.

The second style is a flat piece usually about 3/4” wide with an adhesive back and sticks right onto the side vehicle. The trim is almost flush with the car and has a very low profile. Some also have a black rubber outer lining for added visibility.

*Not all models will have both styles available